An 18th century shipwreck unearthed by a nor'easter last winter at Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge on Chappaquiddick island.


Location 1: Watch the day unfold as we explored Chappaquiddick Island's treasures including Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, the "Only Store on Chappy" and an organic produce and floral farm stand all in preparation for a family farm-to-table dinner at a beautiful seaside home.


Eunice Youmans was gracious enough to give us a tour of the reservation.

And the journey begins! Eunice introduces us to the magnificent outreach of sand and natural beauty.


Next stop, Cape Poge Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in the early 1800's. It has been moved seven times since because of the ever changing shorelines.

The homeowner's 4 grandsons joined us for the tour of Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge. We will be dining with their family later in the show.

We take in the spectacular views atop Poge Light.

The lighthouse has retained its original graceful lines

and timeless craftsmanship over the centuries.

Location 2:

Everyone is


for sure!

Tom Kent and Katie Kidder purchased the only store and renamed it Jerry's Place on Chappy after former owner Jerry Jeffers.

Jeffers opened the store in 1969 and was a member of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah). He was affectionately known to many as the mayor of Chappaquiddick.

Location 3:  Lily Walter (with baby) owns Slip Away Farm. An organic produce and floral farm stand on Chappy. Produce and floral arrangements will be in order for the dinner prepared by The Chappy Kitchen owned by Katie and Tom.

Location 4: 

As if Katie and Tom weren't busy enough, their catering business The Chappy Kitchen is the talk of the island. Working with the best chefs on the island preparing the night's farm-to-table meal.

Location 5:

 Tonight's farm- to-table dinner will be served at this beautiful 6 acre seaside home by The Chappy Kitchen.

Location 6: But first it's time for a little fun!

The homeowners sets out to explore the bay with his grandchildren in tow. No need for a trailer or dock, this amphibious boat manufactured by Sealegs drives on land and the wheels retract when in the water. Watch the show, it screams....

Now it's time to kick back and relax

Location 7:

Urban Grape owners TJ and Hadley Douglas. Even family golden retriever Zeus joined in.

Dinner Time!

It's a clambake of course! Prepared and served to three generations by The Chappy Kitchen.

Compliments to the chefs and cheers to a wonderful day filled with life's experiences. "It's a wrap!"




fun at the fair


We were so fortunate to have homeowners Dick, his wife Brad and family as the perfect hosts for filming the episode.

smokey bear